Welcome to Konvex – part of the circular economy

At Konvex, we have, in many ways, a key role in building a safe and sustainable society. We handle and process the residual products that we pick up at slaughterhouses throughout Sweden, so that they can be used for the production of biodiesel and energy raw materials. Everything is taken care of, we simply get the cycle to go all the way and we contribute to the circular economy.

We offer a service to our slaughterhouse customers, which means that we guarantee collection of residual products at the various facilities. In veterinary crises, we also work closely with veterinarians and authorities. By killing and taking care of dead animals in a safe way, we have a crucial role in the work of stopping infectious animal diseases, which is a security for the whole society.

Are you a farmer?

Konvex customers are slaughterhouses. For you who are a farmer, or perhaps run a small farm slaughterhouse, can instead get help from Svensk Lantbrukstjänst AB which is owned by Konvex and Svenska Köttföretagen AB.

The Swedish Agricultural Service is located throughout Sweden and collects animal by-products, kills and retrieves dead animals from the country’s animal breeders. The Swedish Agricultural Service also helps horse owners in Sweden with the care and killing of horses. They also offer cremation opportunities for horses and other animals. The cremation oven is located in Krutmöllan.

The company also performs autopsy transports of animals to the country’s autopsy sites, which are located at our two factories in Krutmöllan and Mosserud. You must contact Svensk Lantbrukstjänst here.

Read more about our service here.

Focus on sustainability

Environmental and sustainability issues are high on Konvex’s agenda. As a customer of ours, you can trust that we do everything to minimize our environmental impact, while our business also contributes to closing the cycle.

At Konvex, we are proud of the work we already do today, but we never settle down. We constantly strive to be able to work even more environmentally smart, in step with technological progress.

Read more about our focus on sustainability here.

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