A stimulating work environment

In recent years, lots of exciting things have happened in our industry. Among other things, technological development has progressed, while the focus on environmental and sustainability issues is stronger than ever. The future simply looks very interesting and bright!

In order to be well equipped for the future, it is important for Konvex to be an attractive employer, with committed and knowledgeable employees. We have therefore invested a little extra in creating a really good work environment, where our staff can grow and develop. For example, all employees are involved in both the company’s environmental goals and other work environment issues. We have raised the wellness money, have a new gym at the factory in Mosserud and we are constantly looking at how we can develop well-being and the work environment. All in order to be an attractive employer with staff who thrive with us.

A staff also needs good leaders. At Konvex, we invest in leadership training for our managers, so that they can strengthen their leadership and to help Konvex take the next step in development.

The employees – our main asset

Satisfied employees do the best job, it is a philosophy that we at Konvex really believe in. That is why we put a lot of effort into being an esteemed employer, where our staff both thrive and have opportunities to develop.

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