About Konvex

Konvex is a wholly owned subsidiary where the largest shareholders are Saria and Danish Crown. Our mission within the organization is to collect and process by-products from animal production in Sweden.

The raw materials we use are category 1, 2 and 3 waste from Swedish slaughterhouses. Konvex itself, via external carriers, is responsible for collecting the raw materials. Konvex in turn owns the companies Svensk Lantbrukstjänst and Gyllebo Gödning.

Our production facilities

Konvex has two production facilities. Our one factory is in Mosserud, in Karlskoga municipality in Värmland. The facility was established in 2006. 12-16 people work here.

In Krutmöllan, in Kävlinge municipality in Skåne, our second facility is located and it was already established in 1957. Today this facility is used as a transshipment site, where residual products are transported from all over southern Sweden. In 2019, the facility received a new cremation oven.

Both facilities have in common a high level of infection prevention thinking and a focus on sustainable solutions. For example, water purification, reduced use of fossil fuels, and we also work with biological purification of the exhaust air, to reduce odors.

Konvex AB
Esplanaden 24
Box 734, SE-531 17 Lidköping