The Biomal concept

In Europe, the most common way to take care of animal by-products is by processing them into fat and meat and bone meal. The fat that is separated is used, among other things, in spring mechanisms as an oil substitute. The meat and bone meal is often used as fertilizer, energy and in cement production.

The processing process into fat and meat and bone meal is very energy-intensive and unnecessarily complicated. This is especially true for certain types of animal residues where there is a risk of spreading BSE. These must be destroyed by incineration in accordance with current legislation

A simpler, cheaper and less energy-intensive concept has therefore been developed by Konvex and S.E.P. Scandinavian Energy Project. The concept is called the Biomal concept. Biomal is the term for a biofuel that is produced by crushing animal waste products and grinding them into a fuel with an energy content corresponding to ordinary wood chips.

Biomal can be used in conventional fluidized bed boilers for the production of both electricity and heat. The fuel is pumped into the fireplace via a closed system. Long-term tests with combustion of Biomal have shown promising results.

Konvex has completed and commissioned the first factory in the world built for the production of Biomal. The factory is located in Karlskoga.

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